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Husqvarna 2,000LB Loading Ramps


The Loading Ramp for Lawn Tractor from Husqvarna are incredibly convenient for the mobility of your tractor. The ramps are easy to use and a great item you can trust for helping transport your Husqvarna Mowers.

  • Solid steel body construction (not rung style) for a sturdier feel and smoother loading.
  • Overlapping hinges provide added structural support.
  • Perfect for Lawn Tractors or ATV’s/UTV’s.
  • Compatible with items that have small wheels, such as snow throwers or dollies.
  • Ramps are 88” in total length (ramp surface is 84” long and the support bars that lay on the truck tailgate are 4”).
  • 77 lbs. per set; distributed weight capacity is 2,000 lbs. per set
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