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Ultra Pro Thread Sets

    Thread Sets

    Never worry about having to replace a bolt with worn threads again when you use an UltraPro thread set. Choose either the internal or external option to make your job easier. They automatically adjust to the diameter and pitch of the thread and are applicable for all kinds of threads, from fine to coarse or for either the right or left hand. Two steel blades that have been hardened are guided by the existing thread and then repair the damaged area.

    Choose the external UPT thread sets with three options. Thread Set RTE-01 comes in a range of inches from 5/32-inch to 11/16-inch or 4mm – 18mm, and can handle pipes up to 7/16 inches. The RTE-02 has a range of 11/16 to 1-1/2 inches or 17mm – 38mm and fits pipes up to ⅜ to 1-1/8 inches. The RTE-03 has a range of 1-⅜ to 6.0 inches or 35mm – 152mm and fits pipes 1 to 5.5 inches. The mini kit features both internal and external thread repair tools.

    Save money and shop smart with a combined thread kit that is on sale at Redwater NAPA for 30% off at $159.99. Save even more and get one at 40% off for $179.99. Get two internal threads in the first kit or three in the second kit. Buy a third kit instead for $519.99 and get four internal threads. In addition, you get one external thread in the first two kits or two external threads in the third kit.

    Visit Redwater NAPA today and conquer the job!



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