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Top 10 Reasons to Choose the World’s Leading Synthetic Motor Oil, Mobil 1™

    Top Ten Reasons to Choose the World's Leading Synthetic Motor Oil

    Top 10 Reasons to Choose the World’s Leading Synthetic Motor Oil, Mobil 1™, as referenced from the above ad provided by Mobil 1™

    10    Mobil 1™  helps extend engine life.

     9    Mobil 1™ meets or exceeds industry standards.

     8    Mobil 1™ 5W-30 meets or exceeds GM’s new dexos1™ specifications.

     7    Mobil 1™ technology is race-proven worldwide.

     6    Mobil 1™ flows freely in extremely cold weather.

     5    Mobil 1™ provides outstanding high-temperature protection.

     4    Many great vehicles come filled from the factory with Mobil 1™.

     3    Mobil 1™ resists degradation in your engine, even at high rpm.

     2    Mobil 1™, when used at regular oil changes, helps prevent sludge build-up and harmful engine deposits.

     1    Mobil 1™ can improve fuel economy.

    Mobil Super™ 2000  uses a combination of two types of premium oils, both synthetic and conventional. Together with other modern ingredients it helps engine life and gives outstanding protection. Well traveled vehicles benefit from this formula of oil, which contains a seal additive to assist in stopping leaks and decreases the use of oil.

    Mobil Super™ 1000 assists in protecting your engine as it requires, especially when expecting your vehicle to do well in all kinds of driving environments.

    Visit our Redwater NAPA store,  located at 4719 48 Avenue in Redwater, Alberta, and choose Mobil 1 for your next oil change.



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