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Save on Ramps and Wheel Chocks

    Napa - Ramps and Wheep Chocks

    Make it easier to load and unload your equipment and off-road vehicles with the right ramp from Redwater NAPA. Choose from a variety of styles and lengths to fit your needs.

    • 360-DegreeTraction steel ramps that comes in a kit of 2 at 40% off for a price of $79.99
    • Tru-Grip Center-fold Aluminum Arched Ramp for easier storage at 25% off for a price of $94.99

    You can also find standard car ramps that hold up to 6500 lbs. with a maximum tire width of nine inches at 40% off for a price of $59.99. You can choose the heavy-duty option that holds up to 9000 lbs. for $74.99.

    If you already have a pair of planks to use as ramps, add the ramp tops that attach on to the ends. They fit 2-inch wide boards and are priced at $28.09. Protect yourself and your equipment from runaway vehicles with wheel chocks. Choose from three options, including one that has reinforced rubber.

    All are 35% off now at Redwater NAPA. Make hauling your equipment easier with the right ramps and wheel chocks from Redwater NAPA.

    Sale ends June 30, 2015.



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