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Safety Eyewear

    Safety Eyewear

    Protect your eyes when you are working with the right safety eyewear from Redwater NAPA. Get some great deals now when you buy. Choose the lightweight polycarbonate wraparound lenses that features DX™ coating to resist fogging and scratches when you are working. It absorbs 99.9% of UV rays and is ideal for welding or outdoor work. Get a great deal for just $7.99 – 20% off the original price!

    Another option is the SEI safety eyewear, which is made of non-toxic plastic and has a wide-angle vision. Since it is lightweight and flexible, you can wear it during a variety of tasks. It is just $4.59 or $7.99 with the additional anti-fog lens.

    Another option is the one-piece safety eyewear that features hard-coating and lenses that are resistant to impact. They are adjustable and are on sale for 15% off. Another great deal at 15% off is the Diablo safety glass eyewear. It is also impact-resistant and is adjustable. Check out the clearout at Redwater NAPA for the SEI safety eyewear with LED lights for only $14.99 or the non-LED version at 20% off.

    If you are looking for great deals, stop by Redwater NAPA today and conquer the job! These items won’t last long at such fabulous prices.



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