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NAPA Total Eclipse Premium Calipers

    NAPA Total Eclipse Premium Calipers calipers are pre-loaded with quality OE-grade friction and have an exclusive protective coating. These are perfect for fleets and late model vehicles. Drivers can count on improved performance characteristics.

    Napa Calipers

    NAPA Total Eclipse® Premium Calipers exclusive protective coating provides a sleek appearance, and inhibits rust. They have 100% new OE-style seals, bleeder valves, and application-specific mounting hardware are installed to ensure optimum performance. NAPA Total Eclipse® Premium Calipers are precisely lubricated on all critical areas to ensure smooth performance. Where applicable, rear hardware is included and installed with NAPA Total Eclipse® Premium Calipers. With the purchase of NAPA Total Eclipse® Premium Calipers, two-year/24-hour roadside assistance is offered in the U.S. and Canada.

    NAPA Broad Coverage Brake System is available from 1939 through 2013. NAPA callipers come with hardware that is needed for installation, where applicable. These high quality products are computer tested for 100% peace of mind.

    The NAPA Broad Coverage Brake System are cast-iron units put through a rust-preventing process which extends product life. The rubber boots and seals are OE-quality and SAE performance specifications are adhered to.

    Quality. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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    1. I had a problem with an Eclipse caliper because the remanufacturer failed to machine the face of the opening where the banjo bolt with the aluminum crush washers attached to the caliper. The face on the caliper was so pitted that the metal crush washer would not seal and brake fluid ran out of the caliper without any pressure on the brakes. After looking a several remanufactured calipers it appears that none of them resurface the face where the banjo bolt goes into the caliper. If you are purchasing a remanufactured caliper check that out.

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