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Measuring Tape

    Measuring Tapes

    Get accurate measurements for all of your woodworking and home improvement projects with the selection of measuring tapes available at Redwater NAPA. Choose from a range of sizes and prices:

    • Orange Tape – measures 3 m and priced at $3.29
    • Pee Wee Pocket Tape – measures 3 m and priced at $10.89
    • Chrome Tape – measures 5 m and priced at $18.89
    • Hi-Viz Tape – measures 8 m and priced at $20.29
    • Orange Tape – measures 10 m and priced at $21.79

    You can also choose the Measuring Wheel Compact Traypack for $50.99. A heavy-duty case protects the tape from drops and provides a secure grip for more accurate measurements. Stop by Redwater NAPA today and pick up one for your home, your shop and your tool box.



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